Fast Cash Advance

A fast cash advance doesn't have to be a tough financial move. In fact, when you plan ahead your fast cash advance will be easy.

Fast Cash Advance - Catching The Split Finger

Everything in the world can be described through baseball analogies. Asking the head cheerleader to the prom? Why, thats stealing home base! WWII? The '74 world series, a battle royale where the good guys finally won. The fast cash advance can be described as a single pitch - you're playing the roll of the catcher, and your lender is the pitcher. Up to bat is your financial emergency, 3 balls, 2 strikes, bases loaded.

The pressure is on with a fast cash advance

But as the catcher you are the only person in the universe who knows what's coming - you call the pitch:

Now, one of two three things can happen: you look away form the pitch and it slams in your face, the pitcher blazes his own trail and rifles a slider to the opposite side of the plate, or its a perfect hit, a perfect swing and a miss, and you've struck out that debt.

Closing the analogy

Basically, you know everything that should be coming to you when you apply for a fast cash advance, so no matter how fast it reaches your account you should be able to catch the ball. But then again, very few of us are seasoned veterans when it comes to emergency aid - the nature of emergencies is to be a rookie at all times. For the majority of applicants the pressure is just too great, and we are too inexperienced to know how much we need or what will actually work. So we call for the breaking ball, a gung-ho fast cash advance we think will break our debt once and for all - and its a grand slam for the debt team while we have to hang our heads in shame.

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